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The Dogue de Bordeaux Club of Great Britain was officially recognised by the Kennel Club in 2001.  It is the oldest DDB club in the UK.

The Club’s objectives, in its constitution, are to:

In the early days the Club worked hard to establish the breed in this country and was rewarded in 2001 when the KC accepted an interim Breed Standard for the Dogue de Bordeaux.  This meant that our breed could be exhibited at KC licensed shows for the first time since 1897.

The next milestone came when the Club successfully campaigned for the Dogue de Bordeaux to be elevated from the KC Imported Register to the full Breed Register.  This meant that, from 2008 onwards, the Dogue de Bordeaux could be exhibited in Breed Classes (rather than AV Imported Register classes) at KC shows.  As a result our Bests of Breed were now eligible to compete in Working Groups.  Also suitably qualified dogs were allowed to enter Crufts from 2009 onwards.

More recently the KC accepted a detailed submission from the Club making the case for the Dogue de Bordeaux to be granted Championship Status.  As a result, from Crufts 2016 onwards our breed has been eligible to win Challenge Certificates (CCs).  Currently we have CCs allocated by the KC at 13 Championship Shows per year.

Since 2008 the Club has held two KC licensed shows every year.  From 2016 onwards these have been an Open Show in the Spring and a Championship Show in the Autumn.

In addition the Club has regularly organised general breed seminars, judging seminars and breed appreciation days.  Seminar speakers have included acknowledged experts such as Raymond Triquet, Bas Bosch, Anne-Marie Class, Jeff Horswell and Frank Kane.

President:  Raymond Triquet


Jeff Horswell

Shaun Cairns

Carol Cavanagh

Adrian Bicknell

Chairman:  Mark Rainger

Secretary:  Clive Fray

Treasurer:  Joanne Brunger

Committee Members:

Clive Brunger

Kersti Davis

Paul Lewis

Michael Tart

Phil Turnbull

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